Silver purchase

  • we purchase silver with the lowest fineness up to fine silver
  • we carry out an analysis in case of valuables without a hallmark
  • we purchase silver jewellery, watches, ingots, coins, plates and fragments


What is the process for silver purchase?

  • inspection of the purity of the material
  • determination of the silver content in alloy
  • material weighing, suggesting a purchase price
  • transaction, if you are happy with our offer.


Silver purchase price (prices are stated per gram of silver)

FinenessPurchase price as of 22.07.2024
999/1000CZK 14
959/1000CZK 14
925/1000CZK 13
900/1000CZK 13
835/1000CZK 12
800/1000CZK 11

Gold purchase prices