Gold jewellery purchase

We purchase well-preserved gold jewellery without any marks of use or with light wear and tear. We accept jewellery with a valid Czech hallmark, but it is not required. Antique jewellery is an exception: we evaluate such jewellery individually and a valid Czech hallmark is not required.

What should the jewellery look like?

  • It has to be well-preserved with minor signs of wear and tear.
  • We do not purchase damaged jewellery unless it is jewellery combined with precious stones.
  • The jewellery must be interesting; we will not purchase it at an above-standard price if we do not see the potential for further sale.
  • A gold valuable should have a valid Czech hallmark but it is not required. It is one of the factors in our decision-making about the purchase.
  • If we have any doubts regarding the history of the jewellery, e.g. it might come from criminal activity, we will not purchase it.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw from the purchase without giving a reason.